Update Next Project

I just wanted to update  you on what I've been doing and what to expect. I'm still writing on the next project and began rendering a few days ago. I've got a pretty good idea how I want the story to play out now. Over the course of writing on this one. I've found it helpful for me to sit on sections of the story and come back to it later. Often times doing this, I've found an alternate or better way of writing out the scene and can change it up to better fit. Things I didn't think of initially at the time of first writing. Doing this though has slowed down my creative workflow. But, I think it will be better for it in the end. Once it's 'cannon' it's difficult to change something around.

I hope to have a short demo (v0.1 ) sometime this month. After that (for version v0.2 and higher), I'm not sure how I'm going to be releasing them yet. That's all I  have for now.


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I know that, so next update to 5? Thanks

Any news?

i am glad you enjoy solaris exodus. thank you.

i have moved on to another project (https://thecabalzone.itch.io/boho).  so i consider this one done. for me to revisit a project there needs to be a high demand for it. i hope you understand. thanks again.

Please more or new version with more scenes