Next Project Details

I have more details about the next project. I've decided to try going a more intimate route focusing only on one character. It will be kinetic but I will try my best to break it up where I can give options. For this one I want to try to extend the story out and perhaps create a longer project by doing this. Though I can't guarantee anything. I typically write shorter stories.  I've also played around with the idea of once the main character focus is finished going back and adding in different smaller paths. But, that will depend entirely on how I feel about the project and where I'm at with it.

As for the story itself, it will take a more traditional route and be family focused ;) . No twist and turns, or overly crazy stuff happening. Just a simple type of story about a young guy trying to find his place in the world. This project has a few things that are kind of out of my comfort zone. Which is why I want to do it. If I achieve anything out of this one. I hope to have expanded on my writing process by the time I'm finished with it. Since the story is focused on one character. The content, for the most part,  will be unavoidable with them. I just wanted to make that clear and I'll be posting it in the page description as well. If this project isn't your cup of tea. Don't worry, I understand and hopefully I'll see you with the next one after. 

As far as when to expect the project. I don't have a answer for that, sorry. I'm still trying to create the timeline and add to it. I'm hoping to establish a direction and how long I can for see the project being before I start in writing it. Then I can start trying to go deeper in detail than I normally have.

That's all I have for now.


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Not that u don't have great work but if focus on one character I suggest taking at Lockharts petal among thorns it's great one character project to learn from