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I wanted to touch on the topic of subscription models since it's been brought to my attention on a few occasions now. A few people have suggested I try starting a patreon and/or subscribestar account. The reason I don't want to do this is it truly eats away at me. If I'm not creating something on a monthly basis to justify you spending time and money on me to create content. The self induced stress is too much for me to deal with. Which is why I'm only here on Itch. This way in exchange for your money, you get something in return.  It's also why I don't plan on having any content listed for free, other than demos. I have a minimum price I ask for my content  and only if you think I should have more consider purchasing above the suggested price. It's also why I don't ever plan to charge on a per update basis. I want to keep things relatively cheap and fair. Other than that I hope I can continue to create something you find enjoyable. I'm currently working on my next project. I don't know how long it will take me or at what point it'll be ready. But, I will be posting it here on Itch when that time comes. So please be sure to follow me here so you can be notified when I post something. That's all I have for now.


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I have really enjoyed Solaris Exodus, so I'm waiting for your next project. Also, i appreciate your way of thinking, although i hope it doesn't give you financials issues. 


Honestly wish more Devs would follow your example. Any hints at your next project?

I've created some characters and I'm concepting the story. Nothing is really set in stone so far. But, the protagonist will be a young guy this go around.


I totally agree with you. There is one dev I support on Patreon that is having a real bout of depression due in part to demanding sponsors. As long as you  don't need a lot of money from your game to survive, it's much easier on your mental health to do things the way you are.


I enjoy your work. I also enjoy your "pay once, get updates " system.  Can't wait for your next vn.


Do what keeps you sane and healthy! I really enjoyed Solaris Exodus and hoped it could somehow go on. But, this is your show. And I certainly am following you!

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TBH, subscriptions are better off being kept for longer running games, and since yours tend to be more along the line of short stories rather than extended VN's, it's probably better to keep it the way it is :)
Just my opinion of course